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So the Knicks miss out on Grant Hill, and I profoundly do not really give a care- he’d have been using up minutes which younger players can use, and the chances of him being on the next good Knicks team were nil. Donnie Walsh may have a point about wanting veteran/character-based leadership for the team in the lockeroom, but Hill’s not the only non-asshole old guy out there.

The weird part of this is the idea that he resigned in Phoenix because- they’re extending Steve Nash? What? This is a team which sold off Shaq for nothing, reportedly has a deal in place to get rid of Amare Stoudemire, are cost-cutting all over the place and have been for years, and yet they want to bring back a 37 year old Grant Hill and extend a 35 year old Steve Nash for reportedly $11 million a year for 3 years, all while denuding the team of the weapons he needs to be most effective? It’s possible I’m deeply ignorant here, but if you’re trying to rebuild, why not just exercise your team option on Nash for this year and then trade him, similar to the Boozer situation in Utah (though that was a player option)? If you were going to keep Nash, why not keep/try to get a team around him that might have competed? The only way this reads as logical to me is if they somehow think this is a sop to their fans- “yeah the team sucks and we disassembled two contenders for financial reasons, but at least Steve is still here!” And that doesn’t even cover why Nash wanted this deal when he could have entered the free agent market next year as the best player available at one of the most crucial positions and had his pick of contenders to play for at a still-excellent salary. Maybe it was all about the money to him; maybe he expects next year’s cap to be as bad or even worse than rumored.

Whatever the reason, he appears to have locked himself into the NBA’s haunted house, a team possessed by the spirits of past contenders who died unjustly.


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