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Donnie the Bullet Dodger

Because he dodges bullets, Avie

Not through any virtue of his own, Donnie Walsh lucked out on this one. Jason Kidd is a hall of famer, one of the best PGs of his era, and a legitimate legend; he’s also an intensely creepy individual with a bicoastal reputation as a team-killer, who’s 36 years old at a position which doesn’t forgive athletic decline and who’s found a permanently lower level of performance over the last two years as his PER has declined from 19-ish to 16-ish and his once stellar defense has been exposed by Chris Paul and other small, quick, young players. He would have been worth exactly one thing to the Knicks- as a representative “second star” player to market during next year’s free agent period. I don’t think he’d have been worth it even than, partly because I don’t expect anywhere near as strong a market as some do next year, partly because I think even Kidd + (insert star here) + the rest of the Knicks isn’t anything like a contender. And if the resulting team didn’t reach that level…well, Knicks fans just might remember a free win they got over the Nets a few years ago, when Kidd sat out with “a migraine” which nobody bought and which was widely considered part of his attempt to force a trade out of New Jersey. He could have easily become Marbury II with a few bad bounces, and absolutely no one needs that.

Trust me: as a Nets fan I’m incredibly grateful to him for his impact on that team, and I’m also completely and totally done with having to deal with him ever again. The farther away he is, the better he looks- especially at 36, drawing a 3 year deal for $25 million. Best of luck on that 1st round playoff exit, Mavs.


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