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The Canadiens traded Chris Higgins and some prospects to the Rangers for Scott Gomez. I really can’t put it any better than Four Habs Fans did…they stated: “Finally, the overpaid undersized center we’ve all been waiting for!”

And, he’s hideously-expensive on top of it, to the tune of 8M per until 2014. He’s 29 now, so he’ll be 35 when that deal expires. With the cap slowly inching downwards though, I can’t help but wonder if this is the guy we really needed. His last three seasons have seen these lines:

2006-07: 13-47-60   +7
2007-08:  16-54-70  +3
2008-09:  16-42-58   -2

Really? We’re paying 8 million per until the end of time for a guy who doesn’t get 20 goals a season, and has had some variation of the above-mentioned lines his whole career except for one fluke year in 2005-06 (33-51-84)? In contrast, the Canucks just re-signed BOTH Sedin twins for a total of 12.2M per year for the next 5 years, according to TSN. They both finished with 82 points last season, so that totals to 12.2M for 164 points. Using a points-per-dollar ratio (and assuming similar production – I’ll even be charitable and assume a slight increase to 65 points for Gomez), we’re paying 1M for every 8.125 points, while Vancouver is getting 13.443 points per 1M. Great work, Bob.

Of course, the Ranger offense last year was spectacularly punchless…so the possibility does exist that playing with someone like Alex Kovalev will increase Gomez’s scoring. But, that is building a foundation on a potential quagmire – it looks like Kovy is going to re-sign with us, but what about Alex Tanguay? Will Robert Lang still be able to produce after his season-ending injury last season? What if we don’t sign any decent UFAs and can’t swing any more deals? Seriously, is Gomez going to do any better with the likes of Tomas Plekanec than he did with what he had on Broadway?

Speaking of Plekanec, Gomez won 52.4% of his faceoffs…or, a whole 1.8% more than Pleks (though, in fairness, Pleks’ hideous 20-19-39 line isn’t anywhere near Gomez’s modest scoring levels).   

The point is, this seems remarkably like going all-in with a middle set when there’s four to a flush on the board. Maybe it’ll end up paying off, but it’s a risky gamble that can end up costing us huge in the end. For now, no buys.


July 1, 2009 - Posted by | Montreal Canadiens

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