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Incapacitating, Paralyzing Hilarity

It’ll probably be yanked by dawn, but here’s the video of Mercer-Sylvia. I have to say, I almost feel bad for Sylvia- but I mostly feel happy for Ray. He was always an underappreciated boxer, and it’s nice to see an admirable 48 year old ex-serviceman get a nice payday and a quick bask in the sun.

Also the boxing and MMA categories for this post really should have ironic quotes around them. Also I’m laughing again.


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Ray Mercer TKO Tim Sylvia (0:10)

No words. Mercer was washed up a decade ago. Hilarity. Can’t breathe. Laughing. My side hurts.

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“He Fucked Me”

If you ever wonder why Dana and Zuffa won’t do a non-exclusive with Fedor, this is the reason- because non-UFC fighters on those terms can come into the UFC and use its publicity engines to get their names into prominence, then head off and sign deals with different promoters on the basis of the fame which UFC used its time and TV to develop. Cro Cop isn’t the perfect example of this since he had his own preexisting fame in Japan, but if the UFC exposure wasn’t worth something to him he wouldn’t have bothered (apparently/allegedly) lying to get his way onto the televised portion of a UFC card. As it stands he’s gone from being the guy who got pummeled by Alistair Overeem on a DREAM card last year to being the guy who won a featured fight on a UFC this year, a change secured by (apparently/allegedly) lying about his intentions to receive preferential booking in view of future services. Dana’s a promoter and has done enough screwy things that I can’t say I have sympathy for him per se, but I’m certainly not going to criticize him in the future for not trusting fighters- fighters deserve to be trusted as much as promoters, which is to say usually not at all.

This is ordinarily where I’d have boxing thoughts, but the Max Kellerman commentary tonight made my head explode. I had it close for Cotto; if you had it close for Clottey, no arguments. I’ll have more in-depth thoughts when I see the fight again.

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