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Vamanos Puertoricenos!

I’m not even a little Puerto Rican myself (German-Scotch-English-French-Welsh-Polish, for the record), but when it’s 8:45 on Puerto Rican parade day in NYC, 1:45 to fight time for the biggest Puerto Rican boxing star of the age, I get excited. No disrespect to the Pride of Ghana and a Bronx resident, Joshua Clottey, but there’s fireworks going off every minute around my house, and NYC is alive with Island Pride. Maybe I’m more susceptible to it since I’m a big fan of Caribbean music, but whatever the reason- I’m hyped for the fight tonight. There’s a great feel of the movement of people, feet rushing and voices breaking, never-heard sounds arcing over the city, making the night their own. Whatever happens in a few hours, nights like this are one of the reasons I love my city. I may yet have to move out of town for school in a year; but New York is in my heart, always.


June 13, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing

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