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Lest I forget, Cotto-Clottey: Both guys are heavy-handed, both punch well to the head and body, both will be in excellent shape. Clottey is more durable and has the better chin; but Cotto is by far the better boxer. I suspect if they held this one in a phonebooth Clottey would KO Cotto, but they won’t, and that’s where his problems begin. He’s a strong puncher but not a volume puncher and he likes to set up in front of his opponent and pick his shots, counterpunching and looking to do the most damage he can with each blow. My hunch is that Cotto will indulge him in that at times in the early going, but once he gets up on his toes, gives angles and works behind a jab Clottey won’t be able to touch him much. He’s not great at cutting the ring off, and if he has to pick up his feet, trudge over and try to hit a moving target he can look lumbering and very ordinary. Official prediction here is Cotto by UD likely in the 117-111 range.

Teddy Atlas had largely the same pick however, so expect Cotto to get KO’d during his ring walk.


June 13, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing

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