The Ship Be Sinking

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I have certainly been hard on the Arsene-al hierarchy and the manager, but when it comes to Bozo the striker all I can say is: well done. Wenger is handling this perfectly, if you make the assumption that the player is almost certainly gone. The object now is to get every last Pound or Euro possible back for him, which means interest must be drummed up. If Ancelotti was the major interested party last summer and retains that interest now, ruling his club out of the running simply because they’re a top-4 English side is spite, nose, face, etc. The only countervailing consideration would be fear of the player doing damage to his old club, being motivated to face them, etc. which in Adebayor’s case is mostly ameliorated by the fact that ADEBAYOR FUCKING SUCKS. Seriously, he’s no good; most of what he’s done at Arsenal is a product of the system much more than his own abilities and if he’s ever motivated again it’ll be the first time in over a year, so it’s a very good odds bet that halfway through next season he’ll be riveted in place on Chelsea’s bench while whoever replaces him at the Emirates has 10 or more goals. Sell high + buy replacement of equal or better actual ability at cheaper cost + use the difference to help buy a defender = good business. Bravo the manager if this happens.


May 14, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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