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Given that it’s May and Arsenal are out of all competitions which is for all intents and purposes the end of the season, I’ll be returning to writing about them here.

There’s been a lot of talk about where the club is going in the last few days as you might expect, and the most common formulation I’ve seen (at Le Grove, Arseblog, their comments, etc.) is something like “I don’t want Arsene to go, I want him to buy experience, organize the defense, fix the problems” which is eminently reasonable so far as it goes. But in all honesty, isn’t this another way of saying “I don’t want Wenger to go, I just want him to become a totally different manager”? The wish is for the team and club to be run along totally different lines from those Wenger has put his reputation on the line defending: experience and youth instead of almost pure youth policy, focus on defense as the basis for attack instead of defense as an afterthought, willingness to spend to accumulate instead of trying to run in the black in the transfer market, etc. I can understand the wish for Wenger to turn his considerable talents to this new path and be the man in charge of efforts, but I’m not sure it’s a realistic possibility; those who take this line may yet have to decide whether the policy they desire or the name Wenger means more to them if the man himself isn’t on board with change. He may well not be.

Incidentally, some of the quotes in that article are certified nuttybonkers. Bendtner was out at 4 AM in a nightclub, but wasn’t drunk? Just went out for the ambiance, then? And there was a conspiracy to pull his pants down? What? Focusing on Chelsea’s not winning the CL and ignoring the two league title and one FA Cup they’ve won since Arsenal last won something? Huh? No mention of ManU, who seem to win quite a bit by spending? Snuh? Gwah? Beh?


May 8, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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