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The Single Worst Pay Per View of All Time

Macho Camacho Sr. vs. Yory Boy Campas, $30.

Dear God, this is boxing’s Heroes of Wrestling. Campas is 37, coming off of two straight losses to nobody and nobody’s cousin, hasn’t mattered seriously in years, and has over 100 pro bouts of wear and tear on his record. Camacho is 46 (!), is coming off a decade of personal issues including a burglary charge he pled guilty to, hasn’t been in a meaningful fight since 1997 (!!) when he lost to Oscar De La Hoya, and is best known as a waste of talent who was never the same after Edwin Rosario nearly decapitated him… in 1986 (!!!). How on earth can this fight even be happening, let alone be on PPV, let alone be for $30!? It’s insane. I first saw a headline for this which just said something like “Campas, Camacho to meet on PPV”, and thought “man, who wants to see Campas against Camacho Jr?” CAMACHO. JUNIOR. The worse possibility didn’t even occur to me. I’m going to stop now before I try to imagine the person who actually buys this show and my brain runs out of my ears. Absolutely zero buys.


April 24, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing

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  1. The phrase “zero buys” is usually metaphorical, but it could end up being quite literal in this case.

    Comment by primetimeswift | April 24, 2009 | Reply

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