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Now here’s a fight I can get behind: Anthony Johnson vs. Matt Brown, TUF Finale. Jesus, can you imagine? If that’s not fight of the night, either one of them has been felled by a sniper during introductions or that’s the best card of the year. I think I favor Johnson, he’s huge and can often use his size intelligently to control distance and throw kicks from the outside, and I’d be willing to bet that he’s physically stronger than Brown; but at the same time, Brown can take a God-awful beating before he goes down, he’ll never stop trying, and will make Johnson fight 5 minutes of every round. If AJ’s conditioning slackens, or he gets lazy and fights at close quarters….

I’ll say Johnson KO R2, high kick, but almost regardless of winner or method this should be awesome. One of the great advantages UFC has these days is the ability to consistently put fights like this together and begin to hype them this far out; a boxing equivalent would be hard to arrange as prospects like Johnson are often kept away from bruisers like Brown, there’s less of a scope for interesting clashes of style or technique, and to be honest a disproportionate number of boxers who would fit the bill are mostly absolutely unknown Mexican fighters who are viewed as unmarketable (and thus never marketed, a self-fulfilling prophecy) inside the US. One notable exception: Andre Berto, to his immense credit, has agreed in his next fight to face Juan Urango, a physically imposing (albeit at 140 lbs.) Colombian with little public profile in this country. Arguably it’s not the smartest business move, but it’s a hell of a fight, a brave matchup, and the sort of thing you like to see from a fighter who walks around calling himself a champion.

Perhaps it would be a cheap shot here to note that both Berto’s father and brother are MMA competitors.


March 26, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing, MMA

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