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Floyd’s back. Stunning stuff, hope you were sitting down for that one. Could be a tough road for him coming back, though; he’s always been a rhythm, timing and quickness fighter and at age 32 with a 14-months-and-counting layoff, it’ll be tough to come back at 100%. He’ll certainly need a tuneup fight, and even then…well, maybe I’m alone on this, but I thought there were clear signs of slippage even in the De La Hoya fight. When Oscar was able and willing to use his jab he had some success in controlling Floyd, and while all of Mayweather’s defensive skills were in effect his punch output was very low. As I recall on my card at least, the difference in that fight was that the Oscar of the second half was not the Oscar of the first half. It’s tough to see how a twoyears older Money deals with a fighter like Pacquiao who will throw endless punches, never get discouraged, and has a motor to go all 12 at a top pace. Floyd might hold him to 15% of punches landed, but it won’t bother Pacquiao any; and if he throws 80 hard to Mayweather’s 30 soft each round…troubles. Mosley vs. Mayweather I will not try to predict; my gut says Mayweather, but after being so spectacularly wrong about Mosley/Margarito I do believe I’ll shut up.

The most interesting fight to me from a stylistic standpoint might be JM Marquez. Mayweather is bigger and younger, and Marquez has been much more hittable of late than earlier in his career. But Marquez is also one of the most accurate punchers in all of boxing, has underrated power and can throw any shot in the book, and if there’s anyone who can put pressure on Floyd and tag him repeatedly it’s probably Dinamita. That to me is the hardest fight to predict, though unfortunately also the least likely to happen given that the one sure thing about Floyd is that he’ll go where the big money is (which I don’t blame him for).


March 20, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing

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