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Oh, Internet MMA Fans….

A couple of posts down I mentioned my general distaste for internet MMA fans, and that I felt it was merited by general conduct. So of course today brings an article that could almost have been designed to illustrate the specifics of my issue. Here you go:

– Vague intimations of a UFC-fostered conspiracy with multiple participants, all of whom might face legal risk if they did what they were accused of? Check.

– No evidence of such? Check.

– The conspiracy intimations being specifically refuted in the body of the article by the person who is supposed to be the subject of the conspiracy? Check.

– Total lack of logical reasoning? Big check.

– Wildly homophobic foolishness in the comments, along with Internet Tough Guy routines? Check.

– Inability of 90% of people on that post to express themselves without at least one “shit” “dick” “balls” or other anatomical/scatological reference per sentence? Check!

I’m stupider for having read that article, and possibly sterile too. I mean, really: I’m not naive enough to think there’s no politics and such at work in the McCarthy situation, but doesn’t he have to at least apply for a license or speak to the commission head before there can be any sort of a conspiracy to deny him? He’s obviously good enough and if they turn him down (or make it clear that they don’t wish him to apply) and have no reasonable explanation for why, then yeah, it’s time to ask questions and maybe get angry. But when the main guy concerned hasn’t picked up the phone yet….

Incidentally, the background to the original McCarthy/NSAC (not UFC) issue is here. I would say from those comments that there would be some issue with the NSAC taking him back, simply because he made it a point to publicly undermine the authority of various people employed by the commission (perhaps rightly), and bringing him back would be perceived as an implicit endorsement of those statements, which would lead to other issues such as people yelling “incompetent judging!” or “fix!” after every close fight. Yes, even more than they do now. In my opinion that’s not reason enough to keep him out, but it is a real reason which has nothing to do with UFC or conspiracies.


March 20, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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