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Welcome Back, Captain Dickhead

Starbury, AKA Captain Dickhead II, clears out of town just in time for the Rangers to bring back the original flavor. What can you say? He’s an embarrassment to the team, the league, the sport, mankind, humanity, the order mammalia and the planet earth. Will he help the team win? Who the hell knows. He’ll be under a different coach this time with a somewhat different set of teammates, and catalysts like him tend to drive everyone insane on their team and the opposition’s. Chances are he’ll at least set the Rangers firmly in one direction or another this year, into the abyss for retooling or back into the second round. My money would be on the former, but we’ll see.

It’s probably horrible to admit this, but the sheer averageness and we-know-exactly-where-they’ll-finish quality of this year’s blueshirts has kept my interest very far down this season, with correspondingly few blog posts. Avery will, if nothing else, make me more interested in the team. His first game may be against the Islanders; that ought to be a happening.


March 3, 2009 - Posted by | The NY Rangers |

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