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I have never in my entire life been as wrong about a fight as I was about Margarito/Mosley. The closest I can come up with is Trinidad/Hopkins, which this fight eerily resembled. I need to stop underestimating old black dudes occasionally trained by Nasim Richardson who discover illegal handwrapping techniques used by their opponents prior to fights where they are major underdogs, and who I am rooting for even as I suspect they’ll lose. If my neighbors are reading this, sorry for all the screaming.

I’ll probably have more to write about this one whenever I sober up, but wow was that shocking. Shane absolutely beat the shit out of him- this wasn’t the Cotto gameplan of trying to win with 12 rounds of backing up with jabs and counterpunching, running out the clock; and while Shane was the better boxer he was also the rougher tougher customer in there. He slew the dragon, knocked him out. What can you say? From a gameplan standpoint he did an awesome job of controlling distance, tying Margarito up on the inside and darting in and out, but he was darting in and out with huge powerful shots and crushing Margarito with them round after round to the point where I had him winning a shutout even before the KO. He was utterly dominant, controlling the ring and landing the harder and more frequent shots. No 37 year old should look so young, no one going through a divorce with the mother of his children should be so focused. Again, what can you say? Old time something come back again, and Shane Mosley is the legitimate welterweight champion of the world regardless of what the Ring has to say.

Margarito seemed to indicate after this that he wanted to fight Cotto again. Good, let him, as a #1 contender’s match; me, I want Mosley against the winner of Pacquiao/Hatton. MANY BUYS.


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