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Wenger- Injured Quartet Are “New Signings”

As should I hope be obvious, I’m making it my business this transfer window to not judge anything until the window is actually closed, and not to pointlessly chase fourth hand rumors. But this- from the official site- just demands to be answered.

Number A, no, these guys are not new signings. All would of course help the team and be welcomed back by a grateful fanbase, but their return would just bring the side more or less up to the level it was at prior to the start of the season, a level which had many fans including me worried before a ball was kicked. Yes, they’re talented, yes they were on an upswing after last year (albeit with somewhat different personnel), but they’ve also won nothing as a group and would continue to be weak in the usual areas (central defense, wing, defensive mid, etc.) It is factually inaccurate to say that bringing back injured players who you were already counting on would constitute bolstering a team which was worryingly thin in areas when it had them. In short, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

Letter 2, the Rosicky thing. You get one of two options on him: either he was a player who was counted on due to medical advice that he would be playing by now, and therefore his absence is a partial excuse for this season’s issues; or, he was never counted on because of the bizarre voodoo curse afflicting him or whatever it is, and therefore getting him back would be like a new signing. Either position is defensible; both, together, are goalpost moving gibberish. Get your story straight.

Point the tertiary, Eduardo- care to heap a bit more pressure on him? He’s played exactly one half of one reserve team game in which he reinjured himself mildly, and you want to tell fans that he’s the transfer market savior they’re looking for in “two or three weeks”? Unless he’s smuggling Kaka over from Brazil in his luggage, fuck that. You’d have to be out of your right mind to expect him to be other than a peripheral player in a few games, largely as a cameo, this year. If he does more, fantastic and inspirational; but no one coming back from the injury he sustained should have more pressure heaped on him in public by a manager who appears to be doing so to relieve the pressure on himself.

And finally: “That is like being on a transfer market for us. I believe we have a strong team and we want to do the maximum with the team we have.”

I’m not going to judge Wenger on this window until it’s over. But read that quote and think about what he’s really saying, and the standards it implies that he believes are approriate for the club, and which of the club or the team matter more to him.


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