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Catching up (again)…

Once again, I have to apologize for my lack of updates recently…we’re not big and we’re not famous…and sometimes real life will interfere.

To catch up:

On the Arsenal front, I did see the 1-0 win over Bolton. Even alcohol and the presence of a hundred or so friendly Gooners couldn’t help that piece of shit of a match…Bolton parked the bus in front of their penalty area, and I believe they didn’t have a shot on target until the 80th minute or so. Unfortunately, the side looked completely bereft of ideas. Again. Still, justice prevailed when Nicklas Bendtner came on as a sub and did well to convert a cross from Samir Nasri. Nicky has had no shortage of people on his back lately, myself included. But, credit to him, the only place he could have beat Jaaskelainen was through the legs, and from a tight angle he finished well. At the very least, it keeps us in the hunt for 4th.

As for the never-ending Andrei Arshavin saga, wake me up when he’s a Gunner. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about the details.

On the Giants front, Eli Manning, John Carney and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride were the goats in a dreadful 23-11 loss to the Eagles. Eli’s pick early on handed the Eagles 7 points and the momentum. When he wasn’t throwing to the mob in green, he wasn’t hitting the target at all. Wind or no wind, his performance was utterly abject. Same for Carney, who missed two field goals that would have seen the score at 23-17 late on…while they were from 45 and 46, I can’t help thinking that Lawrence Tynes makes those kicks. Finally, Gilbride has to answer for not running the shit out of Jacobs, especially when it was obvious that Eli was shitting the bed. Also, when Jacobs did run, they tended to be sweeps to the outside (talk about not playing to his strengths). It’s beginning to look like an Arizona-Baltimore Super Bowl to me, which is an interesting contrast of styles at least.

Finally, Les Habitants played two games in the interim. Of course, I was away during the 6-2 win over Toronto, and didn’t get a chance to DVR it. Of course, I was home for the 3-1 loss to Boston, and saw the whole thing. The Boston game wasn’t all bad, though. The opening period was awesome, as the Habs peppered Tim Thomas with almost 20 shots. The forecheck was nasty, and Boston didn’t look like having an answer. But, they adjusted and had the better of it for the second half of the game.

Still, the good news is that the goals weren’t the result of schoolboy defensive errors like they have been recently. Penalties were the main issue, as Andrei Kostitsyn took a stupid 5-minute boarding penalty, and Hammer (in his never-ending quest of pissing me off this year) took an even dumber penalty when that was still going. They scored on that PK, but it was no one’s fault. The forwards were all covered, and Chara gambled by pinching way in to the goal line to seek a rebound. He got it, and made no mistake. The second goal was on another PK, and this time Chara just let loose with an unstoppable shot. It happens. Finally, the third goal came on a 3-on-1 late where it was 2-1 their lead, and we had to press everyone forward looking for the tying goal.

We get Nashville at home on Saturday, and hopefully the Habs can marry that defensive strength with a tad bit more discipline.


January 14, 2009 - Posted by | Montreal Canadiens, The Arsenal, The Giants

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