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Portland is trying to intimidate teams into not signing Darius Miles.

I don’t think it should really have to be said that this is reprehensible. Miles can still play (see Truehoop today); Portland acquired him under that contract; they knew, and had participated in the collective bargaining of, the terms of that deal; they knew when they had him declared medically unfit that there was always a chance that a doctor might be wrong; and now they’re attempting to use ridiculous legal manuverings to blackball a player from the league who may well be able to play, in order to avoid having to live up to the obligations of their previous choices. In a just world they’d be slapped down instantly and fined a nominal sum for bringing the league into disrepute. Since that’s not going to happen, hopefully they’ll at least be instructed firmly to withdraw their objections with no further disruptions.

And yes, I realize that some teams may try to sign Miles just to load him back onto Portland’s cap. Tough. Portland ran the odds that that wouldn’t happen, and they may well have lost. Hopefully they can accept that with the class their organization usually shows instead of engaging in this idiocy, because if they keep this up it’ll be the first time in a long time that the players on that team were upstanding sorts and management were the real Jailblazers.


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