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Aston Villa 2-2 Arsenal

I am so upset, I don’t think I can come up with a coherent blog post, traditionally speaking. So, bullet points it is:

– Bacary Sagna was MOM. If any of my 5-a-side defenders came up with a clearance like that when I was beaten all ends up, they’d have their beers paid for, probably for the rest of eternity. He was definitely the best player out on the field.

– Aston Villa haven’t learned how to be a big club yet, which is the only reason at this point why I think we could still nick 4th place with some signings in January. A better side would have absolutely mauled us in the first half, as they had chance after chance after chance without scoring.

– Manuel Almunia is fucking good enough for Arsenal. If you don’t believe it after his 15th-minute save on the shot that deflected off of Silvestre’s noggin, you a) are biased against him for whatever reason or b) know nothing about goalkeeping.

– William Gallas SUCKS SUCKS FUCKING SUCKS. That was a nailed-on penalty, and it was one he didn’t have to take. Way to give the momentum back to Villa, idiot.

– Who was marking Knight on the second goal? Answers on a postcard, show your work.

– You would expect us to win a game in which Denilson and Diaby BOTH scored.

– Well, at least Song is suspended for a game due to his 5th yellow of the season…

Only Arsenal can make a creditable result seem like the worst loss in history. *sigh*


December 26, 2008 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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