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We’re In Trouble

As of when I’m writing this, Arseblog is saying Cesc is out for 3 whole months. I can’t find reports of this elsewhere just now, but Arseblog has his sources and is usually on the money. So, we’re fucked. More to be written tonight, after another busy day. For now, I’d just have to say I agree with what he wrote, and would add that this is the first time I’ve really felt January would be a verdict on whether Arsene Wenger remains the right man for this club at this moment. This team needs help, desperately; 3 months of no Fabregas and no replacements will possibly see them slide below 5th with Everton rising, and would give Villa a chance to put an insurmountable climb in Arsenal’s way to get back into the CL slots. Finishing 5th or below and missing out on CL revenues in a time of personal conflicts and institutional upheaval at the club, with the backdrop of a worldwide recession, would have dire results both for future competitiveness and for future ownership and management. All of a sudden, if the Cesc reports are true, January goes from meaning a lot to perhaps meaning everything.

Get well soon, little guy. And whatever Rosicky suggests, do the opposite.


December 23, 2008 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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