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Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool: Guest blog from my multiple personalities…

I am of two minds regarding this match, and I haven’t been able to reconcile between the two of them on the train ride home from Nevada’s. So, I will allow both sides of the issue to blog about the match.

Rational Sean: Well, it was a hard-won point against the league leaders in a match where we were reduced down to ten men early in the second half. All things considered, I’ll take it. If they could only give this kind of effort against the lesser lights of the league, a lot more points would be picked up and our top-four standing would be a lot more secure.

Angry Sean: I have never been this goddamned pissed off after a creditable draw before. The jammy fucking Scousers offered NOTHING going forward, were lucky that Djourou (who had a good game otherwise) got burned by that lucky bastard Keane once on a hopeful Route One punt (the only game plan this disgrace of a football club has had since the advent of the Premier League…the only reason they’re relevant at all is that AC Milan shamefully captiulated in the Champions League final a few years back and lost to a team that had JERZY EFFING DUDEK in goal).

Rational Sean: Howard Webb is notorious as a referee who is rather harsh with giving out cards, and he is…shall we say…injudicious about how he issues red cards. Given the effect they have on a game, referees are usually rightly reluctant to issue them unless there is some kind of serious foul play or there is two absolutely nailed-on yellow cards. Webb, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to share that view. I’m amazed at how he continues to draw the big assignments when there are better referees in the English game. I wonder if the fact that he’s a police officer in real life (knowing them as well as I do given that my father was an NYC detective for 20 years) leads him to have a kind of “punish the perps” mentality towards the players on the field.

Angry Sean: Webb is a useless piece of (bleep) and I hope he (bleep, bleep, bleep BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP). I hope you get coal in your stocking, jerkoff.

Rational Sean: Someone please explain to me how Adebayor gets sent off for an obvious bit of play-acting on the part of the Liverpool player, but Lucas gets an additional 2-3 fouls after Webb gave him the “no more, one more and you’re in the book, son” speech?

Angry Sean: Why can’t you do that all the time, Robin?

Rational Sean: What a goal from van Persie…with his right foot, to boot! Great ball in from Nasri, and RvP collected, turned, and sent an unstoppable shot over Reina all in one motion. When he is on his game, what a player he is. You can’t expect even the best players to come up with magic all the time (even Leo Messi or Sergio Aguero will put up a stinker every now and then), but I do wish that Robin could harness that a little more often. Then again, I wonder how much of that has to do with the service he often doesn’t get from our less-than-stellar midfield.

Angry Sean: Speaking of less-than-stellar, how fucked-without-lube are we now that Cesc looks to be well and truly crocked? And, why the FUCKING FUCK did Abou “Hi, I’m TOTALLY USELESS” Diaby come on rather than Carlos Vela? Denilson was actually sort of all right (hey, miracles happen!), so he and Song (good defensively, horrid offensively) could clean up the middle while Vela and Nasri rampaged down the wings? This isn’t rocket science, so why on earth does Wenger still give this guy chance after chnce? It’s so goddamn frustrating.

Rational Sean: I don’t get why Eboue was the late sub either when Nasri ran out of gas, but at least he didn’t shoot himself in the foot in the 3 minutes he played. It’s a holiday miracle!

Angry Sean: Aston Villa are going to obliterate us on Boxing Day if we play like that again. And, it’s just going tobe SO AWESOME to watch Nicky Bendtner amble around and lose possession every 23 seconds like he’s Alex Kovalev’s bad side on grass. Can’t effing wait.

Rational Sean: We’re going to need a massive effort to get something out of the Villa game, but I think we can do it. It is also (I believe) the last match before the transfer window opens, so hopefully Gazidis and Wenger are already targeting players who can help right now, rather than some undetermined future date.


December 21, 2008 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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