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I’ve been away for most of the weekend, hence the silence from this end of the blog (thankfully, Brendan is kicking ass, per usual…I almost had the entirety of this post state: “What he said”). I managed to clear the tivo of all the crap I missed out on in my absence, so I suppose bullet points will have to do.

– Didn’t see Boro 1-1 Arsenal…my company holiday party/soccer playoff final was the night before. I didn’t drink at the party, but in retrospect I wish I did…my mob lost 3-1 and we deserved it. I had no chance on the three goals, so basically all I could do is look on helplessly as probably my best chance at a trophy slipped away. So yes, good fucking times. Went to the afterparty and drank a whole bunch…so when my alarm went off for the Arsenal game, I basically said “fuck this” and went back to bed. Sorry if that means I have to turn in my “real fan” membership card, but it is what it is. Anyway, I reckoned we’d win 2-1 before the game, but I suppose Arseblogger is right on the money when he says this is really our level given the current personnel. Sigh.

– I wish I had bet money on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar de la Hoya fight. I don’t know what the mainstream boxing press were smoking beforehand with their insistence that DLH would have too much size and strength for him. As it turned out, it was just a bigger surface area for Manny (my favorite fighter in the world now that I’ve abandoned the Jermain Taylor bandwagon) to mercilessly pummel into submission. All I was surprised about was it being bad enough for DLH to quit on his stool – I figured it’d be a horribly one-sided decision in Pacman’s favor. Actually, it got to the point where it stopped being an enjoyable spectacle and ranged more towards the uncomfortable awkwardness of watching someone beat their kid at a family function.

– The UFC Ultimate Fighter finale was OK, but nothing too special. The problem is that I hated most of these retards so much during the season, I couldn’t even muster the same tenuous attachment to them that I had for, say, George Sotiropolous, Mac Danzig or Manny Gamburyan. Some Guy spectacularly knocked out Another Guy with a head kick for the ages…oh, and there were a few nicely-done submissions. However, all I really wanted from this show was for Philippe to win and for Junie Browning to have his head knocked off into the 14th row. Neither happened, which kind of summed up how this weekend’s sports went for me.

– Speaking of which, the battered and bruised Canadiens finished up their homestand with an ugly 2-1 loss to the Capitals. I didn’t watch most of it…because I had so much else to get through in one night, I just FFed through to the goals. The Caps went up first when one of their guys was given all day at the side of the net to tap in a rebound (I forget if it was this one or the game-winner where Roman Hamrlik was guilty of crimes against hockey defense). Patrice Brisebois busted out the HAMMER OF GOD to equalize in the second, but the Habs conceded another awful, brain-dead goal with three minutes left to seal the deal. The injuries don’t help, but you can’t go 0 for 314 on the PP in a given game and expect to get anything from it. It’s funny how I’m beginning to lump them in with Arsenal in the “we’re just not good enough, are we?” section of my brain. I would say they’re the same fucking team, but the Canadiens have more established talent and they honestly have less of an excuse for how poorly they’re performing at the moment.

– Finally, the Giants went to Dallas and were utterly abject in losing 20-8 to Dallas. Eli Manning had one of his worst games in a good long time, and you can see how badly the team misses Brandon Jacobs. Derrick Ward is without a doubt not ready to be a featured back – it’s increasingly obvious that he and Ahmad Bradshaw feast on the scraps left when Jacobs gets done with a defensive line. The worst part is that Dallas didn’t play spectacularly well on the offensive side of the ball, either. There were one or two drives where they timed their short passes well to take advantage of the Giants constant LB and CB blitzes, but that’s about it. The game was there to be won, but the Giants just didn’t seem to have the personnel to do it. My hope is that by the time the games matter, Jacobs will be back and that will take some pressure off of the WRs (who also were awful last night)  and Eli and allow them to play their normal game. That said, I wonder if the other teams will now realize that Jacobs is the key to the whole team, and bring up 7 or 8 every play to make Eli beat them. The way he’s going right now, can he? I don’t know.

So yeah…this weekend was not one for the record books. Regular service should resume from my end now, though.


December 15, 2008 - Posted by | Boxing, MMA, Montreal Canadiens, The Arsenal, The Giants

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