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From the Arses:


“Jackster @ 23.38GMT | Dec 13, 2008

You going to tell them there’s no such thing as Father Christmas? ;)”

“vivb @ 23.41GMT | Dec 13, 2008

No, they can find out themselves in due course…like people who think cups and titles should appear automatically every season”


I’ve seen similar opinions expressed in several places over the last few months, so let’s walk this one back. Who are these people who are claiming that Arsenal should win something “every season”? On a factual basis, Arsenal have gone 3 1/2 years without winning anything. In the intervening time, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Portsmouth have all won honors domestic and/or international. In the time since the 2005 FA cup final which marked the real last hurrah of the Invincibles team, Arsenal have finished 4th, 4th, 3rd, and currently sit 5th, having already been knocked out of one cup competition this year. People frustrated with the state of the club are reacting to those results over a sustained period of time, and what they consider to be the slow denuding from the first team of experienced professionals who can be counted on to compete. The general sense is that Myles Palmer has got it, in the broadest sense, right: the club has been following an ultimately futile philosophy which is neither morally or practically necessary, nor in the best interests of success, and are doing it with players who simply fail to give a credible effort on too many occasions. The objection isn’t to being without a trophy, it’s to what many fans see as the club having gone far down a path which leaves them barely able to even compete with consistency. Fans will support an honorable failure; but honor seems to be gone at the moment, missing along with effort and realism in many people’s eyes.

There may be fans out there who demand trophies yearly and want Arsenal to become Chelsea II, but I read a fair number of Arsenal blogs and flip through most of the comments threads thereon, and I haven’t seen them in anything but isolated, rare instances. If pretending that they form the majority of the disatisfied is the best defense of the current state of affairs left….


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