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Knicks 114, Kings 90

Quick recap, I’m tired and the Jets are on.

This was like holding AQ and having a flop come AQ6, as the Knicks essentially poleaxed the Kings in the door and allowd the game to stumble on from there. For 3 quarters this was just about evenish, but after a 43-21 opening period the game was over almost before it had begun.

The Kings are bad, defensively. They’re badder than bad. They’re the kind of bad which is redolent not only of garden (formerly Garden)- variety incompetence, but a total lack of effort at times. There was a play in the first quarter where Jared Jefferies, now a center and coming off a broken leg, dribbled the ball the length of the court and drove it hard to the hoop against the defense of small forward Francisco Garcia, beat him to position, and kicked the ball out for a wide open Tim Thomas 3. There was another play with about 3:30 left in the first in which Wilson Chandler on a screen/roll with the ball in his hands simply blew through two men jumping out on him and dunked the ball uncontested with no one rotating to challenge, despite the Kings starting two seven-footers. Brad Miller (who spent most of this game benched) stood and watched the dunk go in from about two feet away, apparently unbothered. On another play, Jefferies again had the ball and was defended by Miler, and simply dribbled a couple of steps to his right and erased Miller against a Nate Robinson screen, Nate’s guy was also erased by the same screen, and Jefferies calmly dribbled back the way he had come, drove to the hoop and dunked it. How does this stuff happen? The Kings actually had more o-boards and fewer turnovers than the Knicks in this one and were about parallel on free throw attempts, but they shot 37% overall, 3-23 from 3 point range, and allowed the Knicks to shoot 49% and 48% respectively- 75% from the field in the first quarter. That should never be. After that first quarter the rest of the game was mostly determining what the final margin would be, bar a 5 minutes stretch in the third where the Knicks couldn’t hit a shot and the lead shrunk to…12.

Next game is Monday against the new look Suns; hopefully this win will keep the confidence rolling, and hopefully Q Rich is back for that one.

– Jerome James scored a bucket in this one. JEROME JAMES.

– I don’t want to say this game will get Reggie Theus fired since I ended up being right about Randy Wittman after that Nets/Wolves game, but the thought did cross my mind. What may save him is that whether from pride or anger or what have you, the Kings did end up playing a lot better after the first and showed some spirit. If they’d let this game keep going as it was, it might have been the end for him.

– Very nice to have Nate back. Who’s more fun to watch than him on this team?

– From “D” at Knickerblogger’s game thread: “who woulda thunk that after 22 games Jerome James would have more minutes and games played than Eddie Curry?”

Knick of the Game: David Lee- 3 points and a board shy of 20/20.

Man of the Match: David Lee


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