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“But is confidence really the issue, or is Yi’s cultural upbringing what’s keeping him down? As good as Yao Ming is, he still refuses to dominate. He still thinks dunking too much makes the competition look bad and he’s too quick to defer to his teammates. It’s becoming more and more likely that Yao will forever be a complementary player – dominant at times, but never consistently the leader of the team.”

– Bill  Ingram, Hoopsworld

Yao shoves some geek for dunking on him
Yao dunks on Q Rich, stares him down
Yao dunks on Ben Wallace’s head
Yao hits shot, yells “you try to fucking stop me!”
Yao yells “FUCK!” on the bench

Yao’s career PER: 23.1

Yao WP48: 0.222 (average is 0.100, McGrady is 0.142)

Yao is currently 7th in the league in adj. +/-, McGrady is a net negative (which will change, but for now…)

Everybody say it with me:

!!!—But Don’t Let That From Stopping You!—!!!

And the bit about his culture… as though Yao and Yi were from the exact same cultural background and place in their lives! Yao’s 28 and from Shanghai, a city of 20 million people in the metropolitan area and one of China’s major cultural and economic centers; he’s an established professional who’s spent his whole NBA career with one team. Yi is 23 or 21, from Heshan in Guangdong (a different province), which as near as I can find has a population of about 360,000 and is noted mostly for furniture manufacture. He’s already been traded in his career from tiny frozen Milwaukee to the New York metro area. Hell, the two of them so far as I can tell even grew up speaking different dialects or languages- Mandarin and Cantonese. It’s almost like asserting that a 21 year old from Flint, Michigan and a 28 year old from London, England share a cultural background- true only in the broadest sense.

And let’s be honest here: there’s a million rookies and second year players out there who don’t show good aggressiveness. What does culture have to do with that? Was Marcus Williams too Chinese when he was in town? You can argue about Yao not being dominant although I don’t buy it for a second, but the “cultural” stuff is, frankly, horseshit. There’s a lot more that’s gone into the makeup of each of these men than “oh, he’s Chinese, that explains it.”

Hat tip: NetsDaily


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