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Porto 2-0 Arsenal…Meh.

Very few matches in the course of a season can be said to truly not matter. This was one of them.

Some key players (Ade, RvP) were rested, and if the club can’t get up for Fulham or Stoke in games that do actually count, they sure as hell aren’t going to get up for a Champions’ League match once they have already qualified for the knockout stages. Personally, I think it goes without saying that the squad as currently composed are going to be wildly erratic from now until such time as they are strengthened with experienced, quality players. When would you prefer for the low points to come – now, or in the next league match?

Never mind that, Porto are a difficult side to play on the road at the best of times. They are remarkably similar to Celtic in that respect, and hey, guess what? Celtic beat Villareal 2-0 at home (Parkhead being arguably a top-5 contender for toughest away venue in Europe) in a match where the Yellow Submarine had already qualified, against an opponent they had handled with ease at home. Does that make the Hoops better than Villareal? Hardly. So, let’s not have any slit wrists about this one, OK guys?

Besides, finishing first wasn’t going to ensure an easier draw, anyway. To wit, the teams we can get drawn against are:

1st Seeds:
Barcelona, Roma, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Panathanaikos

Whereas if we had won the group, it’d be one of:
2nd Seeds:
Inter Milan, Villarreal, Olympique Lyonnais, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Sporting Lisbon

Honestly, we’re not talking about too much of a difference here. At any rate, all of this is a moot point anyway unless we strengthen in January…otherwise, it’s going to be a repeat of the Round-of-16 losses to Bayern Munich and PSV in previous seasons.


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  1. Some good work being done here, you scurvy dog!

    As soon as I get a minute to go ‘under the hood’ I’ll give you a link from ‘holic. Good luck with the blog.

    Comment by 'holic | December 11, 2008 | Reply

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