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Very interesting Arseblog today, defensive and almost a little scared in tone, and followed up by Arseblogger having an extended and somewhat vicious argument in the Arses with someone taking umbrage at his comments. You can see the division in the fanbase starting to become very clear, in rough thirds: the highly motivated fans who made themselves heard en masse in their booing in the game (call them the we’re-sick-of-this-shit-ers), the highly motivated fans who are making themselves heard on blogs condemning the first group (the no-criticism-ever-ers), and then the rump who don’t seem to be making themselves heard much at all. We can probably assume they’re best represented by the empty seats at the Wigan game.

The one thing the first two groups have in common is that neither one respects or is willing to acknowledge the right of the other group to have any say in the club. The third group, by contrast, seems increasingly not to respect their OWN right to have a say in the club. And so it goes, as the biggest talkers choose sides and vie to represent the rest, pushing the discussion to ever more extreme places while claiming themselves to be the only “true” fans, and the fans who don’t want to deal with this sort of rancor and stupidity tune out. They’ll be called plastic bandwagon cunts when they show back up in good times, but sometimes I don’t half wonder if maybe they don’t have the right idea. I love sports, or I wouldn’t write this blog, but at this point a lot of the people in the first two groups just creep me out; you’d think they had nothing else in their lives but this, the way they talk. That’s not passion, it’s obsession, which rarely ends well.


December 8, 2008 - Posted by | The Arsenal |

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