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A Fan’s Hardest Time

Found in the comments of a Truehoop post, from “pwn4suns”:

‘”Apparently you don’t actually watch Suns game. I do, although it’s becoming increasingly unwatchable and intolerable and I’m about done after years and years of watching every single game.”

I really feel for Suns fans, at the moment. There’s few things that can suck worse for a fan than to watch the slow dissolution of a team which could have, should have, nearly did win a title, but ultimately never quite closed the deal. Knicks fans have obviously been through it at the end of the Ewing years (twice really, with the end of the Oakley-Starks-Mason Riley version and then the LJ-Houston-Spree Van Gundy version), and Nets fans have been through a form of it with the two finals teams which couldn’t make it all the way. Suns fans have it, in some ways, even rougher; the Knicks have two titles in team history, the Nets have their ABA glory and were so desperate at the time that fans focused more on what they suddenly had than on what they missed out on, but the Suns have always been solid and have been thisclose to a title before in ’93, but once again, missed out. And the way this current team build is fading is particularly ugly. The Knicks at least went out with a bang of sorts with the lockout year finals run; the Suns are watching their team die slowly while becoming a disjointed parody of what they once represented, an ugly team which shows more fight in the press than on the court and whose personality clashes over the last couple of seasons have been Kremlinological book fodder. People used to care most about Steve Nash winning MVPs; now they wonder who Shaq’s talking about in his twitter updates.

And still they won’t quite go away, yet. As ugly as last year’s Heat were, that season at least had the virtue of putting a clear endpoint to the Heat’s contending days with that build; this year’s Suns by contrast are probably, for all their issues, a low level playoff team. A 7 or 8 seed. An also-ran. And if they go out in 6 or 7 games to the Lakers or Spurs, can’t you just see Steve Kerr trying desperately to reload for just one more year? Isn’t he almost forced to by the additional year of Shaq’s contract? And yet, is there any way this kind of aging, badly designed team could possibly be any better next year than this? Fact is they’re probably stuck in this kind of half-life, the white dwarf of a burnt-out aging contender, unless they can find a sucker to take some of their big bad veteran contracts off their hands…and who would be dumb enough to do that….

My condolances, Suns fans. It’s going to be a few more years before you can really start to rebuild. Good luck.


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