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Kevin Iole: “If Pacquiao, the world’s finest boxer, wins, it will be a tribute to his talent, courage and tenacity, but will be more of a statement of how completely shot De La Hoya is.”

Ahhhhhhrgh. Does anyone remember what the term “shot fighter” actually means? It does not mean someone who was competitive with Floyd Fucking Mayweather in the last year and a half. It does not mean someone who is competitive with “the world’s finest boxer.” It means…I don’t know, Riddick Bowe? Evander Holyfield? It describes a fighter who, for age-related, neurological or psychological reasons no longer reacts well to punches, cannot avoid them, and cannot perform anywhere close to his best on that basis. When you see a fighter with locked, stiff legs, or who blinks a huge amount in the ring, or who is carrying on long after he should, he can be said to be shot. Meldrick Taylor was shot at the end. De La Hoya is not, and Iole constructs this as a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose proposition where neither man can gain any respect or credit for the fight. De La Hoya wins, he was just huge; Pacquiao wins, De La Hoya was just shot. C’mon now.


December 6, 2008 - Posted by | Boxing

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