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Hendo: Brock diminishes title importance

And a thousand sherdoggers light up a smoke.

Here’s the deal: nothing makes the fighting world go round, MMA or boxing, like Fighter A bitching that Fighter B is a paper champion/running from him/a total punk. 95% of it is baloon juice. The way you can tell the legit 5% from the rest is, look at the actual fights being taken on by the accused fighter- is he dodging challenges of all sorts, coasting on fame and public recognition, or is he fighting a high caliber of opponent if not yet the guy making the initial grandstand play? If Brock were fighting crackheads, geeks, freaks, cans, hobos, dead bodies and so on this would be a legit complaint; but he’s fighting Randy Couture and almost certainly Big Nog. Them’s not hobos. If he somehow beats them and then tries to run out a title run against the Cheick Kongos of the world, he’ll deserve the complaints. But as for right now, cut the man some slack.


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Today’s stupid fight idea: since no one wants to fight either of them, Paul Williams vs. Bernard Hopkins, 168 pounds.

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