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Marbury’s suspended until Monday, for the moment at least while the greivance process goes on. I assume/hope it’s a short-term measure while they decide how to resolve this.

What else to say? The story is currently the top article listed in the right hand main page list at ESPN. You won’t find Knicks game results there for the most part, or analysis of coaching strategies, or chances in upcoming games, or playoff odds or anything else going on with the team. Right now, in weeks where the team doesn’t make huge trades, this Marbury thing is the face of the franchise on a national basis. With the exception of Eddy Curry’s defense it’s the last really embarrassing thing associated with the team regularly, at least so long as the owners stay out of sight- but it gets more attention than all of the good things happening with the team of late. I’ m guilty of it as well; I have the Pistons game on my DVR unwatched at the moment, but here I am, writing about Marbury, again.

Up until recently I’d have been a fan of sending Starbury home, Jamaal Tinsley style, to wait either until the miracle of some useful deal could be made or a reasonable pro-rated buyout agreed. But this latest blowup, and the union getting involved, makes me think this is just going to keep being a story until he’s out of town for good. With all the stupid money the Knicks have thrown around in recent years, they may as well spend a bit more to help heal their reputation as an organization. It’s time to buy him out, even at no discount, and write it off as the last cost of cleaning out the Augean stables the Garden’s been for so long.


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